Artificial Inelegant  "AI" for Marketing

3300 EGP
12 Hours
Advanced Level

Course overview 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the science of programming the machine to simulate the human mind and how it works, such as its ability to think, discover and benefit from previous experiences.

AI is empowering marketing and the way that marketers are interacting with their customers. AI will re-shape all sections of marketin­­­­­g like the market research, management, and communication. Also AI will generate new types of products and services. 

Course Outlines

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    ·  What's Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

    ·  Future Jobs & Functions

    ·  Machine & Deep Learning

    ·  Data Science & Algorisms

    ·  Robotics  & Computer Vision

    ·  Natural Language processing


    ·  AI in Market Research

    ·  Observation Research by AI

    ·  Real-time Customer Insights

    ·  Customers Pattern & Profiling 

    ·  Predictive Marketing Analytics

    ·  AI in Marketing Communication 

    ·  Voice Interaction & Chat Bots

    ·  AI in Personalized Messages

    ·  Programmatic Media Buys

    ·  AI Interactive Advertising


    ·  AI in Retail and E-Commerce­­­

    ·  Dynamic & Personalized Pricing

    ·  Retail Analytics & Development 

    ·  AI Recommendations Systems

    ·  Smarter Intelligent e/Stores

    New AI Products & Services
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