Content Creation Course 

Content Creation for Social Media

1650 EGP
12 Hours
Beginners Level

Course overview 

 By the end of this course, you will be able to understand what is your brand persona and your Buyer persona and how to set your editorial plan and the right voice of tune to easily reach your target audience throughout the social media platforms. 

What will you learn ? 

  •  Introductory Knowledge of Content Strategy. 
  • How to plan buyer & brand personae, and competitor analysis.
  • Understand the difference between Content Strategy and Content Calendar and the types of posts.
  • Content Creation Skill using STEPPS Technique through Content Analysis.
  • Building Content Creation Skill in storytelling.
  • Enhancing Content Creation Skill.

Course Outlines

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    Steps to Create Content Strategy

  • How to Set Objectives: Audience Engagement)
  •  How to Create Situation Analysis)
  •  How to Identify Target Audience and Buyer Persona
  •  How to Design Brand Persona/ Tone of voice
  •  Media types (owned, paid, earned)
  •  Content copyrights
  •  What makes my content unique and successful?
  •  How to set Success metrics (KPIs)
  •  Research Methods
  •  Content Marketing Funnel
  •  Content pillars
  • Content Calendar:

  • Content Strategy vs. Content Calendar
  •  How to implement a Content Calendar

     Introduction about a Post:

  •   Types of posts in terms of paid and organic
  •    Understanding of different platforms and characteristics of posts for each
  •    Detailed Characteristics of Facebook & Instagram content

    Analysis of the Structure of Good Content        

  •  What is STEPPS technique (Social Currency, Triggers, Emotions, Public, Practical Value and Stories)
  • Examples of each acronym (Texts in both Arabic and English)

    Building the Skill of Content Creation:

  • Examples of Story Telling
  •  Checklist criteria of a good story telling

    Top performing content techniques

  • How to use Tags, Hashtags, and Emojis
  •  How to write an engaging Caption
  •   Newsjacking & Brandjacking
  •  User-generated content
  •  Tool for create creative like Canva
  •  Introduction about the importance of Creative Brief
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