Social Media Marketing Course  

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

3300 EGP
24 Hours
Beginners Level

Course overview 

 This course provides you with the essentials of the Social Media communication industry and its landscape where you will know the known tools and techniques for social media marketing, and how to set up and optimize your Facebook campaigns.

What will you learn ? 

  • Community Management for Facebook & Instagram.
  • Be able to create a campaign using business manager.
  • Advertising on Facebook & Instagram.
  • Understanding Types of Campaign Objectives.
  • A/B Testing & its importance. 
  • How to set up the Highest Return with the lowest cost.
  • Creating Ads Reporting & Reading the insights
  • Moderation & Crisis Management

Course Outlines

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      Community management for Facebook & Instagram: 

    •  Introduction about Facebook & Instagram.
    • Create Facebook page (Select the page category for relevant industry)
    •  Create Instagram account (Difference between Personal, Creator, Business accounts) 
    •  Tools for community management basics.
    •  Page insights and how to read them to improve page 

    Advertising on Facebook & Instagram:
     Business Manager:

    • How to create a business account.
    •  Difference between Business account, ad account, Personal ad account.
    •  Different Types of campaigns objectives.
    • Why does this type of campaign fall under this category (engagement > consideration)
    • Creating a campaign using the right objective according to the business plan.
    • Indifference between the campaign, ad set, and ad.
    •  What does each could include?         
  • Targeting the right audience.
  •  Setting up core audience
  • Setting up custom audience
  • Setting up look-alike audience
  • A/B Testing & its importance. 

Bidding & Budgeting:
  • Bidding concept.
  • Campaigns optimizations
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