About DM Arts

Digital Marketing Arts Academy (DM Arts) is Egypt’s and MENA’s leading professional Academy in the education & training of Digital Marketing field. Working hardly through international best selling books’ authors, academic professors, and expert-practitioners in order to deliver the:

  • Do How Skills & Experience: Needed skills and techniques for effective implementation through training courses, diplomas programs, and Interactive Online Training. 
  • Knowledge: Latest trends and practices through seminars, conferences, boot camps, and summits.
  • Science: Theory & Methodology through scientific degree like Master Of Science
For supporting individuals to be qualified for: thinking, planning, creating, effectively implementing, Managing, and Monitoring digital media plans, as well as organizations to: develop their digital marketing teams’ performance in order to achieve planned digital marketing team goals through corporate customized training courses, on the other hand giving the chance for organizations to sponsor their digital marketing team members’ postgraduate degrees to be within their employees’ retention program.

Our Vision

Colorizing Marketing Minds by Digital Knowledge

Our Mission

Deliver digital marketing Know-how and Do-how to marketing professionals of MENA’s top brands and agencies, through events, training, and education programs, by first class industry experts, to achieve  happy clients, happy team, and profit.

About The Founder 

Over 25 years, Ahmed has been a noteworthy leader in the Digital marketing Industry. He is the founder and CEO of IT Vision Agency and DM Arts Academy. 
 Currently, he is one of the regional experts in digital marketing field especially social media, Marketing Automation, online advertising, search engine optimization (SEO) and web project. 

Our Values

  • First academy in the MENA Region to ever provide a comprehensive digital marketing training program.
  • World-class events hosted by the best regional and international speakers in the field of digital marketing whose books are ranked as best sellers in the world.
  • One stop shop (Everything digital marketing): variety of digital marketing topics and services.
  • Adherence to international training standards for or an optimum digital marketing training experience.
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