Advanced Facebook Advertising 

3,300 EGP
12 Hours
Advanced Level

Course overview 

We believe that this part should be strategic and delivering an adequate amount of scientific knowledge, so the course should be including the full capabilities that qualify Trainees to have a full supervision over the whole process within the Facebook advertising as well as some advanced tactics and more in depth technical details. 

What will you learn? 

  • How to create a media buying plan “ Facebook oriented“.
  • Understanding The concept of how the algorithm works.
  • Advanced Bidding Tips "Strategies".
  • Understanding the Messages Campaigns and Chatbots.
  • Learning Advanced Tracking using Pixel.
  • Understanding of App Events, Purchase Events, and Offline Events.

Course Outlines: 

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How to create a media buying plan "Facebook oriented":
  • Determining the objectives and to be consistent with the actual marketing strategy.

 Technical paper work process "Facebook Oriented": 
  • Marketing plan, media plan, content plan, publishing previous points on the other platforms. plan. 

The concept of how the algorithm works:
  • Advanced Bidding Tips “ Strategies “
  • Messages Campaigns 
  • Chatbots 
  • Best Practice in Conversion Campaigns 
  • Best Practice in Lead Generation Campaigns 
Advanced Tracking using Pixel:
  •  App Events 
  • Purchase Events
  • Offline Events

Advanced tactics & Best Practices:
  •  Including and not limited to parameters of how to supervise others` work by having a glance of art direction.
  • Applying brand guidelines on visual elements including designs & web design, and content & moderation tips. 

Advanced KPIs Measurements
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