Customer Experience “CX” 
Management & Marketing Automation 

3000 EGP
12 Hours
Beginners Level

Course overview 

Customer experience management is more than just serving your customers. It's about understanding your customers, their needs, and expectations, as well as understanding the buying decision journey of your products. Where your organization can deliver optimized and customized experiences that increase customer engagement and loyalty.


This course will teach you how to extract data from Touch Points and channels across your entire organization to gain important insight. He will also discuss the Customer Journey Map, which is an incredibly powerful tool for indicating and improving touch-points.


Marketing Automation, is the new level of customer experience management where you will be able to design, manage and automate the customer journey map, interact with different customer actions in a timely manner, and integrate with CRM to save customer data and communication.         

Course Outlines

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    ·  Customer Experience Management

    ·  Customer-Centric Development

    ·  Defining customer touch-points

    ·  Data analytics for CX management

    ·  Customer Purchase Funnel Stages

    ·  Customer Relation Management


    ·  Customer Experience Journey Map

    ·  Essential elements of a CX map

    ·  Difference types of CX maps

    ·  Design Customer Journey Map

    ·  Doing, Feeling, and Thinking

    Stages & Steps of the Journey 

    ·  Marketing Automation for CX

    ·  Marketing Automation essentials

    ·  Select the suitable solution

    ·  Integrate your touch points

    ·  Link social media & web site

    ·  How to setup & design CRM


    ·  Customer Journey Builder

    ·  Design automated journey

    ·  Setup triggers & touch points

    ·  Setup actions & conditions

    ·  How to manage lead scoring

    How to setup lead nurturing

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