Digital Leadership

1500 EGP
12 Hours
Beginners Level

Course overview 

Today's most influential leaders have an online presence. But how do you lead "digitally" and engage followers in such a crowded and competitive landscape. Learn in this course how, as a member of the C-suite, you can engage in social media to drive sales, humanize your company, and be proactive during a crisis while establishing yourself as an industry leader at the same time. Learn how to effectively include your voice in company content, cross-promote among your own networks, measure the impact of your efforts.

Course Outlines

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    ·  Embracing Enterprise Social Media

    ·  Humanize the organization

    ·  Embrace the PR advantages

    ·  Drive the industry

    ·  Create a memorable brand

    ·  Generate sales


    ·  Aligning with C-Suite Objectives

    ·  Direct the narrative

    ·  Express strong leadership

    ·  Mitigate a crisis

    ·  Showcase innovative expertise

    Resolve misconceptions

    ·   How Leaders Incorporate Social Media

    ·  Identify goals for using social media

    ·  Choosing the right channels and tools

    ·  Be mindful of resource allocation

    ·  Select a strategic engagement schedule

    ·  Review results monthly


    ·  Sync with the Company's Social Media

    ·  Promote your company's social.

    ·  Get promoted by the company's accounts

    Include your voice in company content
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