Full Digital Marketing Diploma 

From Zero To Hero In 120 Hours

DM Arts Professional Digital Marketing Diploma’s Objective is to provide you with the needed mix of the Know How and the Do How beside the required skills, techniques and tools according to the international standards and latest trends. Moreover, our training environment provides you with the opportunity to unleash your creativity and hidden talents.

13000 EGP
120 Hours

Modules Overview:

Facebook & Instagram Community Management 

This module will cover social media platforms management focusing on, the differences between accounts on Facebook & Instagram platforms, roles of community management, Some tools & best practices that will help you in page moderation, and reading insights to improve page performance.

 Facebook & Instagram Advertising (24 Hours)

This module provides you with the essentials of the Social Media communication industry and its landscape where you will know the known tools and techniques for social media marketing, and how to set up and optimize your Facebook campaigns.

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Content Creation for Social Media (12 Hours)

 By the end of this module, you will be able to understand what is your brand persona and your Buyer persona and how to set your editorial plan and the right voice of tune to easily reach your target audience throughout the social media platforms

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (12 Hours) 

 SEO is one of the most cost effective digital marketing strategies as it can deliver hundreds of targeted leads per day to your business for free. This module is a step by step guide to achieving a top ranking in Google search. Explained in the best practices model and all tools recommended.

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Google, Search Engine Marketing (12 Hours)

Advertising on Google is the main part of Digital Marketing. Google empowers businesses with very effective features and tools to reach their consumers wherever they are. In this module, Google Search campaigns are covered. The optimum set-up for them and the important tips to best creating and best results are also covered. 
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YouTube & Video Content

Creating a video is one of the needs in Marketing nowadays due to its success in reaching the target audience. This module moves the learner from watching to create videos of appropriate quality. It also discusses making video content on YouTube and marketing it

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Google GDN & Video Marketing 

Google has a huge network to display to an ad on websites and every marketer should consider using this to market for his products. This module teaches you how to be able to reach your audience and market for your services or products using Google Display Network and Video Campaigns

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Advanced Facebook Advertising  

A fully-fledged module that qualifies Trainees to have full supervision over the whole process within Facebook advertising as well as some advanced tactics and more in-depth technical details. 

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Social CRM & Marketing Automation 

Marketing Automation module is what every marketer needs in the field of digital marketing, Media, or Digital to perform a successful fully integrated digital campaign. Learn the secrets to performing a successful fully integrated platform for digital marketing and sales process. 

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Strategic Digital Marketing Planning 

In this module, you will be given the ability to design a fully structured digital marketing strategy through interactive presentations case studies and team exercises. You will exploit new digital tactical tools; build an integrated strategy; develop your plan and measure results. . 

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