Employer Branding

1500 EGP
12 Hours
Beginners Level

Course overview 

Employer brand is the market perception about the employment experience at your company, which based on number of factors   include your company culture, work environment, and employee benefits. Every company has an employer brand which is not happen overnight it's your company's reputation in the industry. Learn how to manage your employer brand so that your reputation with perspective, current, and past employees, all of whom may become future customers, is one that you're proud to call your own.

Course Outlines

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    ·  Employer Brand Defined

    ·  What is an employer brand

    ·  Why employer brand matters

    ·  Components of an employer brand

    ·  A company's reputation is its brand

    ·  Factors that influence employer brands


    ·   How Employer Brands Attract Talent

    ·  Replicating someone else's brand won't work

    ·  What top candidates want in an employer

    ·  The impact on customers and profits

    What a strong employer brand can't overcome

    ·   Building Your Brand to Attract Talent

    ·  How candidates evaluate potential employers

    ·  How to appeal to the self-centric candidates

    ·  Image is everything

    ·  Attraction is more than skin deep


    ·  Make Your Brand Compelling

    ·  What makes a compelling employer brand

    ·  Make an emotional connection

    ·  Questions for a compelling employer brand

    ·  Communicating your brand

    Employees as brand ambassadors
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