Google YouTube and Video Ads

2000 EGP
12 Hours
Advanced Level

Course Overview 

Google has a huge network to display to ad on websites and every marketer should consider using this to market for his/her product. Your client is out there reading an article about the latest Yoga techniques on a famous sports website. Isn't it an 
opportunity to sell him/her your unique Yoga mattress? 

 Do you want to market for your service or product during your target audience is watching a video on YouTube? Definitely everyone wants to use the passion of people for watching videos on YouTube and have their ads run during the target audience is watching his/her video. 

 This course teaches you how to be able to reach your audience and market for your services or products using Google Display Network and Video Campaigns.

What will you learn ? 

  • Understanding Google Platform Essentials 
  • Understanding of Google Ads and How to Create & Optimize GDN Campaign
  • How to setup GDN campaign & Manage ad  Campaign 
  • Understand bidding in Google Ads and Ranking technique 
  • Create/Optimize YouTube Campaign
  • Implementation of Video Campaign 
  • Preparation for Google Ads certification

Course Outlines: 

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Understand Essentials of Google Ads:
  •  Introduction to Google Advertising / Why Google Ads is different
  • Understand Google Ads  campaign types:
  • Campaign types

How to Setup Campaign:

  • Essentials of GDN Campaign

Understand targeting & Campaign Parameters in Google Ads (GDN):

  • Targeting: Device (Network, Type, Device, OS)
  • Targeting: Audience (Demographic , Affinity, Intent)
  • Targeting: Content (Keywords, Topic, Placement)
  • Campaign parameters (Time, Duration, Freq.. Capping)

How to setup GDN campaign:
  •  Adding ad (Upload) & design responsive ad

Use Google Ads platform in an easy way:
  •  How to edit your campaign
  •  Google Ads platform go through
  •  How to optimize your campaign
Understand bidding in Google Ads and Ranking technique:
  • Google bidding technique
  • Performs the role of Google in choosing best bid.)
  • Quality score and Ad rank (Google Ad Rank video)
  •  Advanced Bidding options (CPA, ROAS, etc.)

How to setup YouTube campaign with all ads types:
  •  Essentials of Video Advertising 
  •  Types of YouTube ads (In Stream, Bumper, Discovery, Math head)
  •  Targeting in YouTube
  •  Setup YouTube campaign

How to setup YouTube campaign with all ads types:
  •  Applying on Google Ads platform

Preparation for Google Ads certification
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