How To Become A YouTuber

Video Content Creation For YouTube

2200 EGP
12 Hours
Advanced Level

Course overview 

Creating a video is one of the needs in Marketing nowadays due to its success in reaching the target audience. This course moves the learner from watching to creating videos of appropriate quality. It also discusses making video content on YouTube and marketing it. .

What will you learn? 

  • Understanding the Fundamentals of video content industry and production
  • Understanding the tools for producing a video content 
  • Making a video content 
  • How to Earn Money from YouTube 
  • Copy Rights 
  • How to make your video to appear first in YouTube search (SEO)

Course Outlines

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Producing Video Content

  •  Background about Video Content Industry
  •   Tools to Make Video Content
  •   Types of Cameras
  •  How to Set Lighting
  • Software Programs to Use for Managing, Editing and Montage in videos

Marketing Using YouTube Channel

  •  How to be a YouTuber
  •   How to choose a Niche
  •   Types of YouTubers and how to be different
  •   YouTube Partnership
  •   How to make money from YouTube
  •   Copyrights on YouTube

SEO in YouTube

  •  Background about SEO in YouTube
  •   VDQ Toll
  •  How to make your video appear first in YouTube search using SEO
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