Social CRM & Marketing Automation Course

2200 EGP
12 Hours
Advanced Level

Course overview 

  Marketing Automation module is what every marketer needs in the field of digital marketing, Media, or Digital to perform a successful fully integrated digital campaign. Learn the secrets to performing a successful fully integrated platform for digital marketing and sales process.

What will you learn ? 

  • Understanding of what is Marketing Automation.
  • How to design user journey and   customer experience.
  • Setup CRM and Setup Lead Scoring & Nurturing.
  • How to upgrade CRM to be Marketing Automation System.
  • Setup Email Marketing.
  • Using email marketing for lead nurturing.

Course Outlines

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Understand Marketing Automation 

  •  Introduction to Marketing Automation
  •  MA industry landscape


 Understand lead management techniques

  •  Lead Management
  •  Design User journey

How to design user journey

  •  Journey Builder
  •  Setup predefined customer experience

How to setup CRM

  • Build Customer Relation Management (CRM)
  • How to setup lead scoring
  • How to setup lead nurturing

How to upgrade CRM to be Marketing Automation System                                     

  •  Link social media communication with CRM
  •  Link digital channels with CRM
  •  Zoho CRM+

Understand how to setup Email marketing

  •  Benefits of Email Marketing
  •  Types of email marketing
  •  Build & manage email lists
  •  How to design killer email
  •  Case studies of email marketing

How to use email marketing for lead nurturing 

  •  Lead nurturing using Email marketing 
  •  How to setup chain Email
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