Mobile Marketing

2400 EGP
12 Hours
Intermediate Level

Course overview 

Mobile is the most widely used media channel globally, with over one billion mobile devices sold each year; so let`s learn more about the mobile marketing and how to get the optimum usage of this channel in conducting fully marketing plan.

What will you learn ? 

  • How to identify the app marketing success.
  • How to develop your own mobile strategy.
  • How to generate analytics from mobile tracking software.
  • The relation between mobile, social media and e-mail marketing.
  • How to connect between mobile marketing and consumer behavior.
  • How to setup SMS campaign and plan a mobile marketing campaign.
  • How to put KPIs for your marketing in communicating with the clients.
  • The best way of using mobile marketing in communicating with the clients.
  • How to connect the mobile marketing with targeting, real-time performance and interactive engagement.

Course Outlines

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Integrating Mobile Channels in Marketing Communication
  •  Understanding Mobile Marketing
  •  Understanding Mobile marketing trends and channels
  • The mobile consumer
  •  Channels of Mobile Marketing
  •  Introduction to advertising on a small screen
  •  The 9 ways businesses are using mobile Marketing

Creating an SMS Campaign
  •  How to create SMS & MMS campaigns: Short & Multi-Media Messaging Services for Marketing
  •  Understanding SMS basic
  • Common SMS campaign types
  •  Setting up SMS & MMS campaigns
  •  Know SMS services prices in Egypt
  •  How to write killer SMS marketing message
  •  How is SMS developing and its expected future

Develop Mobile App & Web
  •  How to convert your website to be a mobile app: Mobile Application & responsive websites
  •  How to develop a mobile marketing strategy
  •  Designing and building your mobile site
  •  How to build your mobile application
  • How to link Offline with Online through mobile App.
Using LBS, AR, VR in Marcom
  •  How to setup LBS campaign:
  1.  Proximity & Location based Marketing
  2.  How to use Geo targeting
  3.  LBS & Check-ins
  • How to use NFC to integrate offline and online campaigns: NFC and Bluetooth systems
  •  How to use Virtual and Augmented Reality for marketing
  1.  Virtual and Augmented Reality for Marketing
  2.  How to use VR in Marketing
  3. Cases of using AR in Marketing

Create Mobile Ads Campaigns
  • How to create mobile adverting campaign
  1. Advertising & ROI on Mobile Devices
  2. Advantages of mobile advertising
  3.  Basics of buying mobile advertisements

  •  QR Code's and advertising 
  • Voice enabled campaigns
  •  Mobile Commerce 
  • Mobile Payment Options
  • Mobile coupons
  •  A glimpse on the consumer behavior of a Digital Shopper

Mobile Analytics
  • Determine what to track and analyze
  • How to track interaction
  • Calculating your ROI
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