Social Media Monitoring and Crisis Management

2400 EGP
12 Hours
Intermediate Level

Course overview 

World of mouth is very important for every business specially in social media, In This Course you will learn more about how to monitor your  channels and Learn tactics to mange bad mentions to your brand, How to control social media crisis before rapidly spread. Effective social media crisis management starts long before any issue arises. Learn how to create a plan to mitigate risk—and what to do if it fails and you need to react.

What will you learn ? 

  • How can you deal with bad mentions for your business?
  • How can you control bad WOM before rapidly spread on Social Media?
  • How can you take the right steps to stop the crisis and back customers’ satisfaction?
  • How can you use Chat Pots as an important tool in Crisis Management?

Course Outlines

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  • Social media crisis management 
•How to create a social media policy
•How to secure your accounts
•How to identify potential issues
•Life cycle of social media crisis

  • Craft a crisis communication plan
•Define what counts as a crisis
•How to develop a crisis action plan
•Responsibilities for every department
•Approval processes for messaging 
•Learn from the experience

  • How to start monitoring
•How to select your suitable App
•Overview of SM monitoring apps
•Owned / earned media monitoring 
•Case study for SM monitoring

  • Setup  and tune monitoring Apps 
•How to select your keywords
•Adding key figures and decision makers
•Monitor your competitor 

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