Social Media Customer Care 

2400 EGP
12 Hours
Intermediate Level

Course overview 

The Course of for Social Media Customer Care is essential for Social Media Customer Care and SM Customer Services teams focusing on the key skills, tools, methods needed for managing social media channels effectively over all public platforms to achieve their businesses’ goals. The course is a mix between the 'Know How' and the 'Do How'. The course will cover the four main components of social Media Customer Care process, The e-consumer, who is sending an e-message over a digital channel to an organization's social media agent.

What will you learn ? 

  • Understand how to develop a social media customer service strategy to align with business objectives.
  • Understand how consumer expectations and needs are evolving in social media.
  • Explore the risks of social media servicing.
  • Ensure you have effective strategies to manage your reputation online.
  • Evaluate appropriate channels, content, tools, engagement techniques and resources for your social servicing activity.
  • Measure the success of your social media servicing activity.

Course Outlines

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  • Understanding  SM-CC
•How to use SM-CC  to differentiate from completion.
•Role of SM-CC in creating Customer Experience.
•Best practices in SM customer care structure and lifecycle.
•Understand the concept of SM multi-channel customer care.

  • E-Consumer behavior 
•Recognize the key e-consumers types and expectations on SM. 
•Recognize E-consumer personas “personalities & intentions”.
•How to turn unhappy customers into fans using SM-CC.
•Finding and nurture company “SM Community Champions”.

  • Social Agent 
• Understand characteristics of perfect SM-CC agent.
•Provide a superhero service that exceeds customers’ expectations.
•When should you give team the freedom to improvise.
•How to say “sorry” or “not Sorry” on social media. 

  • E-Message 
•Understand the public nature of social media interactions.
•Use formal and casual writing techniques appropriately.
•Build rapport with the person you're communicating with
•Avoid common mistakes on social media customer care. 

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