Strategic Digital Marketing Planning  

2200 EGP
12 Hours
Advanced Level

Course overview 

  In this module, you will be given the ability to design a fully structured digital marketing strategy through interactive presentations case studies and team exercises. You will exploit new digital tactical tools; build an integrated strategy; develop your plan and measure results. 

What will you learn ? 

  • How to Create Situation analysis.
  • Understanding of Strategy Setting.
  • Select the suitable channel for your digital communication.
  • How to allocate budget and suitable controlling metrics.
  • How to Develop Digital Marketing Plan.

Course Outlines

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Understand What is SOSTAC Model

Do Situation Analysis

  •  Situation Analysis using 5Cs
  •  Situation Analysis using SWOT
  •  Situation Analysis using PESTEL

Setting Digital marketing objectives

 Explain 5S objective setting

Know your target customer

  • STP strategy setting
  •  Branding & Positioning
  • Acquisition Vs Retention

How to allocate budget for each media Channel 

How to allocate the suitable metrics for your plan

How to Develop Digital Marketing Plan Project

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