Terms and Conditions 

It’s our pleasure to have you in one of DM Arts training programs. As a notion of ensuring that you are aware of your rights and duties to reach the required outcome, please check the terms and conditions that aim organizing the training process:

First: Administrative Terms and Conditions

  1. The academy campus is ready to receive trainees maximum half an hour before the training starting time. The area for the training in addition to facilities are the places where the trainee is welcomed, given that every space in the academy has its own privacy. The academy has the pleasure to cater during the training hours for free.
  2. The trainee is not allowed to record any part of any training session whether audio or video to secure the academy’s copyrights. The trainee isn’t allowed to share his/her educational accounts information or passwords provided by the academy with anyone. In addition, the trainee isn’t allowed to share with anyone the training material, distance, electronic, or virtual learning kits, links, programs, systems, or accounts. In case this term was breached, the breacher is responsible for a compensation for the moral damage and the academy is entitled to demand a fine equivalent to ten times the cost of the training program as a compensation.
  3. The academy provides free Internet connection for trainees during training hours and to ensure quality service please don’t use the Internet out of frame of training needs.
  4. The academy campus is equipped with cameras.

Second: Financial Terms and Conditions

5. Attending the training is bound to the service receiver under whose name the training is booked and cannot be transferred or ceded to someone else.

6. It’s the trainee’s right to refund 100% of the paid fees in case he/she informs the academy one week before the training program starting date and the first training course is deducted according to prices announced online during the time of contracting.

7. In case the trainee didn’t continue his/her training program, he/she can continue it during a 6-month period from the program starting date. After this 6-month period, the trainee’s right to ask for continuing the program or getting a financial settlement is forfeited.

8. In case the trainee doesn’t continue the program for any reason, the financial settlement is based on course pricing according to the announced prices during the contracting time where the diploma is constructed from separate courses. Accordingly, the attended courses prices are to be deducted from the program fees and courses certificate issued. (due to Covid-19 crisis the trainee has no right to refund any payments after the program starts.

9. In case the trainee is absent from any course or discontinues attending 50% of any of the courses of the program without previous approval, refund shall be half of the registered program/course fees.

10. An agreement was made to pay the fees based on the registration electronic correspondence and the academy financial policy. In case there is a delay in paying the fees, the academy is entitled to stop providing part or all of its services to the trainee.

Third: Educational Terms and Conditions

11.The trainee is allowed to postpone attending one course only of the program courses and informing the academy 3 working days before its starting date due to any personal circumstances that may pop up.

12.Passing a course/program is fulfilled when the trainee gets 70% of the final evaluation which is calculated according to the following weights:

a.20% attending sessions

b.30% quizzes

c.50% projects

13.In case a course is failed, re-sitting the exam is allowed only once and it is for free. In case the trainee failed again, the course must be attended again with a communicated cost. The certificate(s) is/are given by the end of the program where the last attempt of success counts.

14.Attending 75% of each session time is required or it is considered an absence. Early departure from the session is to be coordinated with the academy.

15.In case the number of a group attendees is less than 10, attendees are transmitted to another group.

16.In case the trainee is late for the session, he/she isn’t expected to ask for explaining what he/she missed as a notion of respect to the time of his/her colleagues who are punctual.

17.Projects form a very important part of the program content and not completing them impedes the trainee from getting the certificate of the course/program completion. 

Fourth: Client Care Terms and Conditions

18.There are predefined channels for expressing opinions or complaining from any part in the training process as the following:
Contacting the Account Manager responsible for the trainee’s service; escalation goes to the Business Development Manager and then finally to the Chairperson. 
19.It is not allowed to communicate with any trainee outside the frame of the training sessions or assignment correspondence. Instead, the trainee should communicate with the academy in case there is a need for an inquiry or clarification needed from the trainer away from the session. 
20.All coordination notifications are sent via a WhatApp group made specially for the trainees and it is considered an official means of communication from the side of the academy to the trainees.
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